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Get what you want, give what you want: a summer celebration of the university’s time bank

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Get what you want, give what you want: a summer celebration of the university’s time bank
by Learning Systems - Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 2:45 PM

As a growing number of the UEL community are discovering, time banking is so much more than just volunteering - you don’t just give away your time to an individual or a project, you exchange it for something you need in return.

With the UK’s first university-based Time Bank recently created at UEL, we're inviting students and staff to a summer celebration on 1st July – whether you're an existing Time Bank member or not.

We'll provide a light lunch and refreshments and provide attendees with the opportunity to connect their offers and requests with others through a fun "speed-dating" style exercise, where you can meet others to agree on how you’ll earn and spend “time credits” with each other.

We'll also have representatives of external organisations with who you’ll not only gain valuable skills through volunteering, but bank the time you give to get something tangible back from other time bank members.

For example –if you’re good at sports coaching, you could advertise that and help a fellow student to learn it, or if you’d like to get involved in community projects, we’re linked to a local community-based organisation, where, in addition to gaining time credits, you can boost your CV and employability through engaging in community work.

In return someone may help you with essay planning, systematic literature searching or learning to play guitar.  One member is currently offering Italian lessons, while others are offering cookery skills, and that student essential: proof reading.

Join us at USS on Friday 1st July from 12:00 – 14:00

Room US4.15

Space is limited, so, to reserve your place at our summer celebration please send an email to with your name and student number.

 The East London Time Bank: bringing the university and the local community together for the common good.