SY6017 2122 (T2) Conflict, Intervention and Development (OC)

This Module introduces key issues associated with complex political emergencies and humanitarian assistance. It places complex political emergencies and different forms of intervention within the context of the post-Cold War era, by examining emergency aid and military intervention in specific conflict situations around the world (e.g. Syria, Rwanda, Syria, Iraq).

This is a 15-credit level 6 module running in Term 2. There will be a three-hour session each week, the first two hours will be lecture time but there will be the opportunity for discussion in both the lecture and the seminar. The purpose of the lecture will be to outline key theories about, and empirical work undertaken upon, the issues in the course content. Students are expected to keep up to date with readings on Moodle and in their course texts, so that they can contribute to the sessions.

There is one piece of assessment, a 3000-word case study to be submitted during the last week of teaching. Further details below and on Moodle, as well as to be discussed thoroughly in class.

This guide contains the outline of how the module will run, a detailed reading list and all the details of your assessment for the module. Lecture notes and other materials can be found on the Moodle site, as can the TurnItIn (TII) link for uploading your assessment.

Any changes to teaching etc. will be communicated via Moodle notices and the UEL email system so please make sure you check your UEL account and Moodle regularly.
Primary Instructor: Afaf Jabiri, Kathryn Kraft