VA6104 2021 (T1+T2) Contextual Studies Level 6 (OC)

Contextual Studies Level 6 is a collaborative academic module that aims to test all of the research methods and critical thinking skills you have acquired from level 4 and 5, and contribute them to a shared research project. As well as demonstrating through writing and discussion a level analysis and interpretation of visual subjects appropriate to your senior level of study, the aim of this module is to augment your academic practice with material research based on your studio practice.

As individuals and as a group, you will present a theoretically informed, practical response to the subject of the shared research project. Your response will depend on your position as a graphic designer who is aware of key design concepts and who understands their responsibilities in a contemporary society.

Bryony Quinn (Module Leader — on Maternity Leave)
Dan Duran (Programme Leader)
Craig Madden (Technician)

Programme Websites - UEL Graphic Design -

You must pass this module to be awarded a final grade.

Unless you are notified otherwise, Contextual Studies Level 6 from Week 1 – 5 runs on Tuesdays at 2pm in KD.G.20.

See your Outlook calendar for timetable details.
Primary Instructor: Bryony Quinn