ED7607 2021 (T1) Teaching and Learning in ELT (Mental Wealth): (Independent Negotiated Placement) (OC)

This module introduces you to teaching practices in the English classroom (ESOL, EFL, ESP, or EAL) by asking you to take a very active role in facilitating or supporting learning. The module is underpinned by the notion of ‘practice’ understood as 'a space for doing', leading to reflection with the intention of developing your teaching knowledge and your learners' language skills. The module combines a theoretical input with a practical, hands-on approach to enable you to (a) develop your skills and confidence, (b) reflect on what you do and why you do it, (c) inform your practice with theory, (d) improve your practice and (e) become the best teacher you can be.
Primary Instructor: Mario Moya, Stephen Wong