2018-19 (Term 2) PX7405 Performance Laboratory (OC)

This module is designed to introduce students to the practical and theoretical skills necessary in order to collaboratively devise a piece of theatre. By producing a cross-institution performance project, the students will gain a practical understanding of key aspects of working as an ensemble, physical theatre, source work and devising. The students will engage with current theory and contemporary performance practices emerging out of heritage sites / archival material and the ethical implications of verbatim and historical performance. The students will also have the opportunity to engage in specific archival research with experts at The Petrie Museum
Course Aims
• To develop a range of skills required to devise theatre collaboratively
• To develop an understanding of how both devised and text-based scenes work

The main topics of study will be:
Ways to devise; deconstructing the text; Motivations and intentions; The ethics of working in the museum; Museum theatre; Archival performance.

Theatre Visits
Throughout the term, specific performances will be recommended.

Log Books / Journals
It is strongly recommended that you get into the habit of keeping a written record of all rehearsals / master classes / skills sessions / seminar discussions.

There are chapter extracts on moodle that support the key aspects of each session. It is expected that this serves as introductory reading.

All of the classes involve physical practical work so please wear appropriate – loose and comfortable – clothing. For reasons of health and safety all jewellery should be removed for class.
Primary Instructor: Dominic Hingorani