2018-19 (Term 1 + 2) EG6125 Architecture, Design Investigation (OC)

The module consolidates skills and knowledge gained at Levels 4 and 5. Together with EG6126 Architecture, Design Resolution 3 and EG6127 Professional Studies and Technical Studies 3 which require highly detailed reflection on the integration of cultural, professional, technical and environmental issues within the design project, this set of 3 modules is intended to prepare architectural technology students for independent practice, entry into the professional workplace, or for higher studies.
There is a particular focus on investigations of site and context that may involve the gathering of empirical data, making analytical studies and conducting observations of people, place, context and materials that are appropriate to the project.
Whilst improving a student’s practical skills and refining their ability to use them productively, the focus of this module is on developing a depth of knowledge and understanding about research and project development, appropriate to graduate level. It also aims to help students to offer evidence of self-management in respect of planning, monitoring, recording and evaluation within the portfolio work that is produced.
In this module the student is expected to formulate and clarify project ideas that will frame the specific aspects of architectural technology that they are interested in. The module also aims to establish a process of research, design development and proposition that generates the design brief for “EG6126 Design Resolution” and provides a platform for the early testing of design and spatial ideas, conducting spatial and material experimentation in relation to the final design project.
Primary Instructor: Heba Elsharkawy, Aurore Julien