2018-19 (Term 1 + 2) EG5129 Architectural Design Resolution 2 (OC)

The aim of this module is to rehearse the production of more complex architectural technology projects in preparation for the design project undertaken in the final year. It also opens up the range of opportunities available to a student of architectural design technology looking to work in a discipline which is extremely varied, but where individual practices often specialise.
Students are equipped with a brief and during the course of the module deliver a resolved design project that will become both spatially and materially coherent across a number of scales.
The module fosters the development of a personal position and working methods as part of the attributes required by a designer. The student also develops the capability of testing and evaluating the potential impact of their design proposals on the users and the broader environment.
Students are expected to offer articulate explanations of their proposals, be able to discuss their design considerations, present their case for specific social and environmental strategies and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between materials, technology and the execution of their design.
The design process continues to be expansive and exploratory, and emphasizes the creative and imaginative thinking involved. Students are also encouraged to cultivate a shared understanding of their project contexts and their briefs enabling them to work collaboratively, share tasks and review each other’s work.
Primary Instructor: Heba Elsharkawy, Arman Hashemi