2018-19 (Term 1 + 2) EG4116 Architectural Design Resolution 1 (OC)

The module enables students to produce imaginative, appropriate and competent design proposals in response to a variety of sites, briefs, cultural, social and technological issues. Furthermore, it aims to develop a general understanding of the materials, processes and techniques that are applied in the architectural design and building construction industry.
The module aims to develop the student’s confidence and ability to apply a range of communication methods and media to present their design proposals clearly and effectively as well as an ability to evaluate and rework ideas in response to review and feedback.
The module supports the ability of students to see and reflect on how their design proposals are beginning to develop into fully-fledged architectural technology projects, and the kinds of work and thinking involved in taking their ideas further. Therefore the module familiarises students with design development processes including the analysis and interpretation of a range of project sites and the development of project specific research. The module demonstrates strategies for producing spatial, material and programmatic ideas that satisfy aesthetic as well as technical requirements and how to present them using a range of appropriate media and methods of communication.