Being Well, Living Well

Developed in collaboration with mental health experts, higher education professionals, and university students and staff, this interactive, online course takes a positive, preventative approach to help students maintain their mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

Through a range of interactive activities, real student voices, and sophisticated pedagogy, the Being Well, Living Well course equips students with the practical tools and knowledge needed to develop strategies for coping and prevention. The course’s variety of resources help students to develop the confidence to manage wellbeing issues they may face, and understand that they are not alone in experiencing challenges in their academic and personal lives – whilst also providing guidance on supporting their friends, and signposting when and where to seek further support if needed.

With a flexible, modular structure, the online course allows students to dip in and out of the resources anytime, anywhere in an online ‘safe space’, enabling institutions to maximise student engagement and integrate the course into existing wellbeing initiatives, freeing up face-to-face support for crisis cases. Furthermore, the course’s inclusive practice scenarios, self-reflection activities, and action plans encourage rational thinking and positive behaviours beyond the course.